100 followers — Now what

So you have been under the pump to get to 100+ followers, now what!


That's right keep working at it. All the effort you have put in to get to 100 needs to continue. To you next 100 and beyond.

What is your ultimate goal?

Here are some tips to keep the momentum going:

  • Read, engage and follow without expectation
  • Continue to write and share your writing
  • Give yourself the challenge to commit to a writing schedule
  • Try a daily writing challenge (I really want to do this)

Remember that Medium is here to provide you with a platform to share your writing first and foremost. Through gaining followers and engagement you also have the potential to earn money. So, the more you write, the more you engage the more chance you have of earning.

For me, my passion is small business. However, I also like writing about other things so I am planning to add financials, mental health, marketing and more to my profile. What will you be writing about?

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Thanks, Kelly



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Kelly Robinson

Top Writer. I am passionate about small business, mental health, and much more. I hope you enjoy what I have to share.