Are you a small business that is selling business 2 business?

Do you need to review how you are marketing your business beyond just opening the front door and hoping the phone rings?

How many of the following strategies do you have in place to grow your B2B business?

  1. SEO — Search Engine Optimisation
  2. SEM — Pay Per Click Advertising
  3. SMM — Social Media organic posts and paid ads
  4. Email Marketing — Direct to your database
  5. Content Marketing — Blogs, white papers and more

Your website

The number one item that you need to have…

Landing page — This is a page designed to convert your traffic into leads for your business. Ideally, it will increase conversions, doing some if not all of the work for you.

Using design and content you can accelerate the conversion of visitors who are on your landing pages. Just as a well-designed storefront window display invites people to come in, a landing page should elicit action from its visitors.

A landing page can be a part of your website and within the menu options of your website. …

Prior to Covid, many businesses were not in any rush to increase their digital efforts. However, with the restrictions that Covid brought to us, many businesses were forced to adapt or die. Quarantine, social distancing and more have left many small businesses with online as their only option.

How have you accelerated your digital strategy since Covid landed on our shores?

While digital will have been on your radar prior to the pandemic it should now be your top priority. According to KPMG’s global survey in 2020, business is investing heavily in technology. 67% say they accelerated their digital transformation…

Of course, you think your business has credibility but what do others think and how can you ensure that others see your business as credible!

Credibility = the quality of being trusted and believed in

Trustworthiness, reliability, dependability, integrity, reputation, status, believability…

Origin: mid 16th century: from medieval Latin credibilitas, from Latin credibilis

Why should credibility matter to you?

Credibility can be considered to be a higher achievement than success.

While you may feel successful, credibility is the way that others look at you. …

What are some of the digital marketing myths you have heard? Let me know!

You may have heard some of these myths from various sources, as a professional I would like to debunk them for you.

  • Websites are not necessary
  • Digital marketing is expensive
  • My competition doesn’t bother with digital marketing, why should I
  • Posting on every available platform is essential
  • SEO does not work
  • I sell to everyone why do I need to market online
  • Email marketing isn’t effective
  • I have a website, that’s all I need

As most self-employed people know, being self-employed affords us all a level of life/work balance.

Some have this working better than others but being self-employed should be giving you a level of autonomy. It is this autonomy that we want all self-employed people to continue to be able to have and keep businesses surviving long-term.

Moving your business online is not just for bricks and mortar stores. It is for tradies, consultants and anyone else who does not have a modern professional online presence. You may be selling services, products or a mixture of both. …

If you have an e-commerce store (online shop) this is the average amount that customers spend when they place an order with you. You probably have a rough idea in your head what this is already. Would you like to grow this number?

Here is the formula to calculate it:

Total revenue divided by the total number of orders = AOV


You can measure this across a month, a quarter or a year and give yourself a good insight into your customers.

What is the benefit of knowing this number for your business? By looking at the average order…

Covid times have shown us all the importance of local business.

During the second half of 2020, I wrote a blog about local SEO for Australian businesses. It was to highlight that there had been an increase in consumers looking to do business locally. With this increase, it has been vital to ensure you could be found both online and in person.

Now mid-way through 2021, it remains the same and I suspect that many peoples buying behaviour is permanently changed. …

For business at the smaller end of town, the answer is a resounding yes. This is for a multitude of reasons with the most obvious being cost. Traditional media remains very expensive and for the vast majority of small businesses, it is not even an option.

You may have read articles pitting social media and traditional media against each other, however, there remains a place for both. For large businesses and large brands, both social and traditional media can work together to give a global brand placement. Utilising both areas is essential for global brands like Nike or McDonalds.


You know that you need to post on social media, you’ve heard it all before. Perhaps you have time but don’t know what to post or perhaps you have no time to post but you know you should be visible on there. Keep reading to see how you can create eye-catching social media posts that you can share daily to your platforms.

Social Media definition — websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

When you are working daily in your business it is very easy to get stuck for something…

Kelly Robinson

Digital marketing professional based in Sydney. I have a passion for small business.

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